Dermatology Referrals

For Clients

Sharon has been seeing dermatology referrals since she obtained her RCVS Advanced Practitioner Status in Veterinary Dermatology in 2017. Sharon enjoys seeing all canine and feline dermatology cases but has a particular interest in pruritus (itchy) and otitis (ear disease) cases.

While many skin cases can be straightforward to treat, some are more difficult and in these cases your vet may recommend a referral. Should you wish such a referral please discuss this with your normal vet. An initial referral appointment normally lasts about 90 minutes. During this time Sharon will undertake a full clinical history from the time you first noticed anything wrong with your pet’s skin/ears (and possibly before). She will then examine your pet, marking any observations and likely taking samples for analysis. Subsequent to this Sharon will discuss the likely condition affecting your pet, arrange for further testing or discuss the treatment options with you.

In order to help Sharon discuss your pet’s condition she will make use of our state-of-the-art diagnostic microscope which allows you to also see what she sees. This will also allow her to track changes in your pet’s skin over time – helping to identify improvement and set-backs.

For Referring Vets

Should you wish to refer a case to see Sharon please click here to fill in our online referral form. Once this has been received we will endeavor to contact the client within the next two working days to arrange this appointment. We will then send you a full referral report with our recommendations.
To arrange a more urgent referral please phone us on 0191 410 9674.