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Welcome to Wrights' Vets

Welcome to Wrights’ Vets. We are a family run, independent, veterinary practice in Birtley, County Durham. We aim to provide first class care to all species of pets and want to bring back the family, community feel to veterinary care. Our mission is to help you help your pets live life to the full with gold standard veterinary care from all the staff.

As well as providing a range of first opinion services we also offer dermatology referral services and have a special interest in exotic species. Our vision is for every pet, owner and staff member to be cared for and valued through exceptional communication and service, today and every day.


Protection for cats, dogs and rabbits from a number of common, fatal diseases. Worried about vaccines? Come and talk to us about the pros and cons.

Exports & Travel

Travelling with your pet? Come and chat to us about rabies, blood tests, passports, worming, flea and fly prevention and all the up-to-date requirements.


For a number of routine and emergency conditions: whether in health, sickness, after injury or at the end of life.

Diagnostic Imaging

In house x-ray and ultrasound allows swift diagnoses. And lets us check for puppies too! We also have the ability to arrange for off-site CT and MRI scans.

Dental Care

From examination in the consulting room, to cleaning and polishing teeth, to extraction of broken, diseased or misplaced teeth, our dental suit allows us to effectively treat one of the most common problems of cats, dogs and rabbits.

In-house Lab

Quick, in-house blood, urine, faecal and skin tests can be performed to allow same day results. With our state-of-the-art microscope, progress can be tracked and allows you to see what we see. Nb. Some tests will still be required to be sent externally.


Whether it’s routine neutering or more advanced surgery our vets and nurses will look after your pet from their initial admit, throughout their procedure and recovery, to their final discharge and post-op check ups.

Inpatients are cared for by our dedicated hospital nurse, if out of hours care is required they may be transported to our out of hours provider or to a referral hospital.

Pet Health Plan

Our Pet Health Plans allow you to pay monthly for your pet’s routine preventative treatments including vaccines, worming and flea treatments, really helping you to help your pet. Also includes a number of other benefits and discounts.


Exotic species can be difficult to examine, diagnose and treat but with our team of interested and experienced vets and nurses we are happy to treat anything that jumps, slithers or flies.


Holding the status of Advanced Practitioner in Dermatology Sharon offers referral consultations to clients of other practices around the North East. To arrange an appointment please speak to your vet.